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Social Work Services

  • Children and Families Social Work

    Some children, young people and their families need help and support from us. This section gives details of the help available and also tells you how to go about getting that help.

  • Social Care Emergency Team

    The Social Care Emergency Team (SCET) provides emergency social work services outwith normal office hours. The team works in co-operation with other council services, such as the out-of-hours homeless officer, and also with the emergency services.

  • Social Work Addictions Team

    Community Addictions Service is one of four services working together, known as the West Lothian Addictions Care Partnership, to ensure clients are able to access the most appropriate help as quickly as possible. These services work together to provide access to drug and alcohol treatment, counselling and support. The West Lothian Addictions Care Partnership consists of: The Social Work Addictions Team, NHS Addictions Service, West Lothian Drug & Alcohol Service and Change, Grow, Live

  • Self Directed Support

    Self Directed Support is a term that describes the ways in which individuals and families can have an informed choice about the way support is provided to them.

  • Adult Non-Residential Social Care

    A guide to West Lothian Council's eligibility criteria and how to request an assessment