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Senior People's Forum

West Lothian Senior People's Forum provides an opportunity for the Council and local senior people to act in partnership in reviewing and addressing future challenges.

West Lothian Senior People's Forum was launched in November 2009 with over 50 older people from throughout West Lothian in attendance. The purpose of the forum is to provide an opportunity for the Council and local senior people to act in partnership in reviewing and addressing future challenges.

In particular, the forum will:

  • seek to identify and harness the experience, opinions and desires of senior people offering them an opportunity to express their views on a wide range of issues
  • enable communication to be established and maintained between local senior people, the Council and its community planning partners
  • enable the Council to consult senior people on its approach in developing local responses to the Scottish Strategy for an Ageing Population
  • help support organisations which represent senior people

Angela Doran is Chair of the Senior People's Forum.

Next meeting:  the Senior Peoples Forum meeting on the 27 February 2019 in space 3  at the Howden Park Centre in Livingston from 1.30-4pm with tea / coffee being available from 1pm.

Senior people and organisations which have an interest or who represent senior people are invited to attend and contribute to the discussions. Suggested items for inclusion on future agendas are welcomed. To submit a suggestion for inclusion email providing the name of the item for consideration  plus a few lines by way of background to help ensure what is being requested is fully understood.   

All suggested topics will be brought to the attention of the Chair of the Forum.

Contributors to the agenda are asked to note that where it is desirable to invite a guest speaker this can take several months to schedule due to pre-existing commitments by the speaker.

Dementia Cafes

There are 9 dementia cafes located throughout West Lothian, having been developed to benefit those living in the community with dementia as well as their carers.

Each cafe is likely to be slightly different, however all have the same purpose in mind which is to provide an opportunity for those with dementia, and their carer where they have one, to come along, relax, socialise and, if they wish, participate in activities and entertainment as well as access information, support and advice.

So, whether you want to attend for a few hours or just drop in for a coffee and a chat with someone it is worth going along to check out what's on offer at your nearest dementia cafe.

For further details on any of the cafes, please contact Sally Stockbridge at Alzheimer Scotland - 01506 533112 or email

Improved Access to Insurance for Older People

It is now easier for older people to get motor and travel insurance because of an agreement between the Association of British Insurers, the Government and the British Insurance Brokers Association.

As of 6th of April 2012, if an insurer or broker is unable to offer cover to an older motorist or traveller due to their age being above the limit they have cover for, they will automatically refer them to another provider who can meet their needs or to a dedicated signposting service such as the "Find a Broker" service.