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Criminal and Youth Justice Service

West Lothian Council operates community-based Criminal & Youth Justice social work services throughout the council area, as well as prison-based social work services in Addiewell Prison for longer-term prisoners. We are committed to promoting community safety in order to help make West Lothian an even better place to live. We aim to increase public safety by reducing offending behaviour.

We are responsible for providing all criminal justice social work services for people resident in the council area. These include assessing the risk and circumstances of people who are currently in the justice system, either in our community or in custody. Core services include:

  • assessment reports such as Court Reports and Home Circumstances Reports, which contribute to the decisions made by the Courts and the Parole Board as to whether someone who has committed an offence is able to remain in or return to the community
  • supervision and monitoring of those people placed on a range of court and post-release orders and licences, all of which are intended to reduce both risk of re-offending and risk of harmful behaviour towards others
  • provision of unpaid work opportunities for people otherwise at risk of custody.

The Criminal & Youth Justice Service is responsible for the management of Community Payback Orders. If you have a possible project to be carried out by our service users as part of their Community Payback, please use our word icon Community Payback Work Request Form [728kb].

In order to achieve these aims, staff of the Criminal & Youth Justice Service work closely with other organisations. These include other areas of the council's social work services, such as Children and Families teams and services for people with mental health problems, housing providers, health services, Police Scotland and other partners in the justice system. More information is contained in the pdf icon West Lothian Reducing Re-offending Strategic Plan 2013-18 [337kb], which explains how we will jointly develop services over the next few years.

How we plan and develop our services

Since April 2017, West Lothian's Community Planning Partnership (CPP) has had the lead responsibility for implementing the Scottish Government's new approach to Community Justice in our area. Among the themes that the organisations in the CPP expect to address are:

  • Making our communities safer and better places
  • Reducing crime and the harm it causes to individuals and communities
  • Reducing offending both by helping people with convictions to change their behaviour, and by helping them to be (and to be treated by others as) ordinary members of the community.
  • Helping communities develop knowledge, resilience and empathy in managing the behaviour and problems of their own residents.
  • Having the right things in place so that we can divert towards more socially responsible activities those people who are at risk of behaving inappropriately or doing things that harm others.
  • Improving the effectiveness of the work carried out by a wide range of organisations, both local and national, to make all of these activities possible.

These are activities involving a wide range of organisations, although the Criminal & Youth Justice Service has a key role in reducing offending. To find out more about West Lothian's plans, visit the CPP's Community Justice webpage.


How to contact us

The Criminal & Youth Justice Service now operates from two main bases:

Main office address: Criminal & Youth Justice Service, West Lothian Civic Centre, Howden South Road, Livingston EH54 6FF

Tel: 01506 280999 Fax: 01506 281243. Email:

Addiewell Prison Social Work Team: HMP Addiewell, Station Road, Addiewell, West Lothian, EH55 8QA

Tel: 01506 874566 Fax: 01506 874563

If visiting us in person...

The Criminal Justice Office within the Civic Centre is normally open to visitors from 8.30 am to 5 pm (4 pm on Fridays). Please go to the main Civic Centre Reception. If you know who you need to speak to, please ask for that person. You may wish to bring your appointment letter with you. The Receptionist will try to contact the person you wish to see, or if that person is not at their desk, the main Criminal Justice number.

If phoning the office...

Please use the numbers shown above. At times of pressure, calls may go to Voicemail, which is checked frequently. Please leave a number and the CJ Receptionist will phone you back.

If you are phoning about your court order, and are told by the telephonist that the worker you have asked for is off work, you should ask to speak to the Duty Manager. We may have to call you back.