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Books on Prescription

Book Yourself to Health: Don't understand what's wrong with you? Want to try and manage your illness yourself? - Find information that will help you through Books on 'Prescription'.

Books on Prescription

What is Books on Prescription?

The books recommended by professionals for books on 'prescription' have a focus on information and self-help, helping people to understand their difficulties and to make positive changes in their lives. Some of these books can also be helpful for relatives, friends and carers to read to increase their understanding of a particular difficulty.

Whilst information and self-help can be very beneficial, they may not be sufficient in some situations.

If there is no improvement or things get worse, after trying the strategies in the book, seek help from a trained professional such as a GP or nurse.

Every library in West Lothian has copies of the recommended books.

Borrow Books Online

You can borrow all relevant titles online using our Books on Prescription Online book search

Further Information

For more information contact either:

  • (Central Support Co-ordinator for Libraries and Heritage, West Lothian Libraries). Tel: 01506 281273
  • The Big Plus - 0800 917 8000 - To get better at reading, writing or using numbers, call this number and you will be put in touch with someone who will help you to do this in West Lothian.
  • NHS Inform - a new national health information service for Scotland.  Information for the public, patients and carers.