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Training Courses

'get cooking' is part of the Health Improvement Team who offer a wide range of training courses for community members and professionals.  Click on the Related Documents for more details.  As you will see the brochure has 12 different 'foodie' related courses - get in touch to check what courses are currently running. All courses are free to attend.

In addition we have two courses to train people to run both cooking and weaning groups:

How to Run a Cooking Group

A practical course which covers:

  • Practical considerations of running a cooking session.
  • To discuss the basic essentials for a successful cookery class (e.g. paperwork, evaluation, food hygiene).
  • Discuss messages/ themes that could be incorporated into the sessions.
  • Identifying and address challenges in running a cookery course.
  • Provide opportunity to practice delivering a cookery session.
  • To raise awareness of resources/other training available to complement cookery sessions.

The course lasts one day or two half days.

Prospective Participants

Those working with young people, adults, parents or families in any setting who have an interest in running group cookery sessions. Upon completion of the training attendees will have the knowledge and skills required to set up and run a cooking group.  The groups can be tailored to particular needs i.e. basic cooking, healthy eating, eating on a budget or similar themes.

Wean the weans - train the trainers

A practical course which gives:

  • An understanding of the content of 'Wean the Weans' practical cookery course.
  • Basic knowledge of methods of cooking/preparation of pureed, lumpy, finger and family foods.
  • An opportunity to practice delivery of parts of the Wean the Weans course within a friendly training environment.
  • An awareness of where to source additional information to enable participants to answer questions from parents/carers.
  • An understanding of the key do's and don'ts to introducing solid foods and how to manage discussions on feeding.

Prerequisite: you should have attended the NHS Lothian 4 hour Weaning Course, or have equivalent training on current weaning recommendations  (While some key information on nutritional needs of infants of weaning age will be integrated into the training, a deeper understanding of the current guidance, than is provided by this course, is necessary before running community Wean the Weans groups.  This course focuses on the practical aspects of how run a weaning group, not on the guidance itself).