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Cooking Groups

We run Cooking Groups in collaboration with our partner organisations.

'get cooking': A six-week course which covers basic cookery skills that will help participants make home cooked meals for themselves and the whole family.

Cooking by numbers:  An eight-week course with Adult Basic Education (ABE). The course helps participants understand the weights and the measures that are often included in recipes.  It also offers education, discussion and some practical cookery. Plus, each session provides practical opportunities to improve basic number skills with the chance to achieve an SQA numeracy qualification at the end of the course.  Cooking and learning at the same time - great!

Sign up for the course through ABE Cooking By Numbers

Skills Training: An initiative of the Steps n2 Work programme for young people who have left school.  We contribute a 16 week cookery course which equips participants with some essential skills and knowledge for either working in the food industry or simply living a healthy, independent life. More information can be found in the positive Trainee Program on the positive destination website StepsN2Work.

Early Years Groups: We work with the Sure Start team, aiming to give young children (0-3 years) the best possible start in life.  Our 'healthy eating in pregnancy' talks are often in demand.

If you think there may be an opportunity for some partnership working with your organisation or project then please get in contact.