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Healthy Weight

We have a number of programmes that help people towards reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. These run in various community venues across West Lothian throughout the year. All classes are free.

Losing weight, even 5% of your current weight, will bring about a range of benefits. It will

  • reduce your risk of a heart attack
  • reduce your chance of getting diabetes
  • reduce your risk of cancer.

Details of the programmes are given below.  Get in contact if you'd like more information:


A drop in service to help you monitor your weight - no appointment needed. We'll be there every week to take your weight and keep a record for you. As quick as that! If you have more time speak to the facilitator who can offer help and guidance on weight loss, give you information leaflets and signpost to other local activities.

Weigh2Go sessions are currently available at:

  • Strathbrock Partnership Centre - Mondays 4-5pm

Please note we no longer offer a Weigh2Go service in Bathgate or Whitburn. We still provide the Counterweight programme in these areas and have regular groups running.

Further information  on the Counterweight programme is below.

We can also provide small information packs with hints and tips for losing weight, these can be obtained through the Health Improvement Team.


Counterweight is an education programme for healthy living and weight management.

It consists of 6 educational sessions held every 2 weeks over a 3-month period, followed by 2 further reviews within the year.  The programme aims to:

  •  Help you change your eating behaviour and physical activity levels for the long term
  •  Help you achieve a medically worthwhile weight loss of between 5-10% of your starting weight
  •  Help you maintain your weight loss
  •  Improve your health generally

Please note: Counterweight is available through GP referral only. If you have a BMI of 30 or above and would like to lose weight ask your GP to refer you onto the Counterweight Programme.