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Alcohol Diversionary Funding

Grant funding provided by Social Policy and administered by West Lothian Alcohol and Drug Partnership

West Lothian Council wishes to announce that their Alcohol Diversionary Funding (ADF) is now open and ready to accept applications. The ADF is open to any group, organisation or person who wishes to improve outcomes for young people living in West Lothian who are at risk from drinking alcohol. The fund for the year 2017/18 is £100,000 and applications must be able to demonstrate that their interventions and activities will achieve the three outcomes attached to the funding. These are:

  1. Reducing anti-social behaviour
  2. Delivery of 1 to 1 Alcohol Brief Interventions
  3. Changing group attitudes to drinking.

Applications can be downloaded from this page following the link from the related documents box.

The applications must be emailed to: