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Community Health Development

Information on Community Health Development

Community Development is a process of:

  • Promoting learning, knowledge, skills, confidence and the capacity to act collectively
  • Taking positive action to address inequalities in power, access and participation.
  • Strengthening organisation, networking and leadership with and between communities.
  • Working for change through increased local democracy, participation and involvement in public affairs.

Leading to:

  • Communities having greater control and influence on the determinants of health, resulting in a better quality of life.
  • Community Health Development work is carried out through training for staff and community members supported by a small grant scheme to assist the development of community activities and projects.

Health Issues in the Community

This course gets people to make connections between their health, that of other people within their community and how issues such as housing, employment, income, food and other things affect their health. Students discuss and examine these issues, relate them to their own experiences and then devise ways to address them in their own communities.
It has been developed by Health Scotland and is accredited by SQA at level 6.

Community Development and Health

The course is open to all primary care and community based staff from statutory and voluntary agencies with a community focus.  It is also relevant for anyone working in the voluntary or statutory sectors seeking to improve health and address inequalities at a community level.  The course sets out to provide workers with a basic theoretical and practical understanding of the community development approach.  The course has a flexible approach to timing and venue.   It has been developed by NHS Lothian and is accredited through Queen Margaret University at SCQF level 9.