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West Lothian Green Gym

Another way to get active in the outdoors is by taking part in our Green Gym which take place at the Howden Walled Garden in Howden Park. Green Gym is gardening in the outdoors and taking part in things like planting, weeding, digging out beds and designing the space to make things like a labyrinth.

There is much research available which shows that good quality greenspaces can have a very positive impact on people's health and wellbeing and it is also a way for people to be active without realising it.

There is a great social element to working together as part of a green gym which in turn helps people build relationships, confidence and self esteem. The co-ordinator on site delivers the programme of activities, does a warm up/cool down, provides refreshments and all the necessary equipment to take part. For more information contact Alyson Hunter at or download pdf icon the Green Gym information leaflet. [312kb].