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Adult Non-Residential Social Care

A guide to West Lothian Council's eligibility criteria and how to request an assessment

The Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968 requires the Council to ensure resources are available to meet assessed eligible needs to a standard which will satisfy the Council that the person's eligible needs are being met.

Our duty is to promote social welfare and make available advice, guidance or assistance as appropriate and adequate. To do this we will work in partnership with eligible individuals and their families / carers to assess needs.

The Council has a duty to assess any adult (person over 18 years of age) who they believe may need community care services. The assessment of needs is used to determine whether a social care service is required to be put in place to meet those needs in line with eligibility for services.

The Council applies the National Standard Eligibility Criteria consistently across both adults and older people services. Eligibility criteria assist the Council to achieve fairness, consistency and transparency in how decisions are taken.

Details of the Council's policy on eligibility and how to request an assessment can be found pdf icon A Guide to Adult Social Care [275kb]