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Youth Inclusion and Aftercare Service

The Youth Inclusion Project provides a consistent resource and support for vulnerable young people aged 16-25 and who live in West Lothian.

The Youth Inclusion Project (YIP) was established in 2004 by West Lothian Council Social Policy and continues to provide a consistent resource and support for vulnerable young people aged 16-25 and who live in West Lothian.

Our aims and objectives in 2004 still exist today - i.e. to address the needs of young people from across West Lothian. Young people who have been looked after by the local authority, ex-offenders, those who have experienced homelessness and/or domestic violence, vulnerable young people, poor mental wellbeing, young parents and those educated at home. We aim to raise their confidence and self-esteem, work and social skills in order that they can engage in Training, Educational Opportunities and/or Employment.

To be successful in this, staff engage and support young people to break down and overcome barriers which can prevent them moving on. We take a holistic multi-agency approach, delivering a variety of relevant, creative, educational and focussed skills with intensive one-to-one key worker support.

We are a dedicated and passionate small team of five full time and one part time employees who work tirelessly towards the aims and goals of the project. We work with some of the most vulnerable, isolated and marginalised members of society. The YIP receives further funding from West Lothian Council and the European Social Fund.

With the current economic climate and recession, businesses and young people alike are experiencing one of their most challenging times. YIP is no different!

This, however, has not deterred staff or young people and this is reflected in our overall year to date figures for Education, Training and/or Employment.

  • 78% of our young people moved on to a positive destination
  • 39% moved into employment
  • 46% moved on to further education/training
  • 16% began volunteering

The staff are absolutely delighted with these results and will continue to work hard with passion and commitment, supporting the young people of West Lothian to help them achieve their goals and aspirations, enabling them to move on in life.

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Tel. 01506 282866