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Self Directed Support

Self Directed Support is a term that describes the ways in which individuals and families can have an informed choice about the way support is provided to them.

Self-Directed Support

Let's Blether!

National SDS Week 2016 was called 'SDS Blether Week' - the aim was to promote and grow understanding of SDS.

To support SDS Week, West Lothian produced an SDS e-newsletter which includes information about what SDS might mean for you, examples of how SDS is already working for people in West Lothian, useful contacts and links and so on.

You can download the June 2016 SDS e-newsletter here: pdf icon SDS e/Newsletter June 2016 [261kb]

What is Self Directed Support?

Self Directed Support is a term that describes the ways in which individuals and families can have an informed choice about the way support is provided to them. The aim is to achieve better quality care and support and an improvement in the outcomes people achieve by giving them greater choice and control over how their support needs are met and by whom.

The Scottish Government published "Self Directed Support - A National Strategy For Scotland" in 2010 and defined Self Directed Support as "the support individuals and families have after making an informed choice on how their individual budget is used to meet the outcomes they have agreed. SDS means giving people choice and control."

Social Care (Self Directed Support)(Scotland) Act 2013

The "Social Care (Self Directed Support)(Scotland) Act" was passed in January 2013 and came into force on 1st April 2014. The Act outlines local authority duties relating to Self Directed Support and the general principles which underpin these. The Act describes the framework of options which must be offered to those who are eligible for the provision of support by the local authority.

The Self Directed Support options include Direct Payments.

Self Directed Support in West Lothian Newsletter

West Lothian has produced a Self Directed Support (SDS) Newsletter to coincide with the anniversary of the Social Care (Self Directed Support)(Scotland) Act 2013 coming into effect on 1st April 2014.

The newsletter contains examples of how people in West Lothian are accessing their support using the range of different SDS options as well as useful contact and information details. pdf icon Download Self-Directed Support in West Lothian Newsletter [2Mb]

Self Directed Support - National Guides for Users, Carers and Practitioners

The Scottish Government, in partnership with people who use services, carers, local authorities, support organisations and service providers, have produced a series of National Guides on Self Directed Support which aim to provide practical guidance for people who use support, for carers and for practitioners. These Guides can be downloaded as an App or viewed online.

The Guide for people who use services - Self-directed Support: My Support, My Choice: Your Guide to Social Care- is also available in a British Sign Language version.

Personal Assistants Network Scotland - New Website

A new website has been created for people who work directly for the person they support. Personal assistants (PA's) can join the network to access information, advice and learning opportunities, to meet other PA's and to hear about news and events. Please click on the link -

MECOPP Introduction to Self-Directed Support (English language)

Watch the video in:

Self Directed Support - Translation Guide

A translation guide has been developed by MECOPP - the guide has been translated into everyday language to make Self Directed Support as accessible as possible for people who do not speak English as a first language. It has been designed for use by interpreters and translators to ensure the language of Self Directed Support is translated consistently for everyone in Scotland speaking Bengali, Chinese, Punjabi and Urdu.

The guide may also be of interest to people who do not speak English as a first language seeking to understand some of the language and phrases associated with Self Directed Support.

Download the pdf icon Self Directed Support Translation Guide [1Mb].