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Throughcare and Aftercare

The Throughcare and Aftercare Team provides a social work service to young people who are 'Looked After' or supported under their Aftercare service in West Lothian or who have moved to another area in the UK.

Our purpose is to offer support, advice and guidance to young people and are responsible for protecting and promoting their welfare under the statutory Pathway service and in partnership with Looked After Services. We undertake assessment reports for the Pathway process and offer Monday to Friday duty service, by appointment, drop-in or telephone advice. There is no charge for using our service.

We are committed to playing an active part in promoting a corporate parenting culture, meaning that the local authority will provide young people with ongoing support, as any other responsible parent would, for young people to move into adulthood.

Service Standards:

In addition to adhering to the Children and Families Service Standards, we will;

  • respond to all enquiries within 5 working days, or on the same day for duty service enquiries
  • allocate a worker to young persons aged under 19, where staffing levels permit, within 5 working days of accepting referral
  • offer to meet with young person and referrer at a convenient location within 5 working days of allocation
  • as key service, record the views of young person using the Pathway process and offer them access to an advocacy service (someone to speak on young person's behalf)
  • as key service, invite every young person to appropriate meetings concerning them
  • offer every young person using the Pathway process an Information Sharing Agreement
  • provide a Pathway Plan to every young person who is no longer Looked After and transferring to us
  • as key service, provide, review and discuss each young person's Pathway Plan and appropriate reports every six months, or more if required
  • offer an informal and formal appeals service, along side the council's and Care Inspectorate's complaints process
  • ensure that every young person with a Throughcare/Aftercare worker will be offered face to face contact on the following basis;
    1. when not receiving local authority benefits, at least every two months
    2. when receiving local authority benefits, at least once per month
  • consult with young people about their experience of their Pathway service every six months
  • consult with young people before ending their Aftercare service at their 21st birthday
  • ask whether you consider these standards to be relevant to you and whether you believe we are meeting them with our annual customer survey - we will also ask about your satisfaction with our services - we aim to deliver at least 95% customer satisfaction overall