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Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse

The council's Domestic and Sexual Assault Team provides a specialised service to women and children in West Lothian who are experiencing, or have experienced, domestic and/or sexual abuse.

The Domestic and Sexual Abuse Team (DASAT) has a versatile and committed team comprising of a manager, two fulltime children's workers and two fulltime women's workers, one who has a remit to work with women from minority populations and the other working with women having substance misuse issues.

Does your partner or ex-partner make you feel afraid, try to control who you see, where you go, what you wear?

YOU HAVE CHOICES and we are here to support you.

  • Please call us on 01506 281055 or email for confidential and friendly support.
  • In an emergency please call the police on 999.

We provide tailored support for adults and children survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault.

How to cover your tracks online

Computers store information about the websites you visit, emails and instant messages you send, web-based phone calls you make, online purchases and banking, and many other activities.

If you are worried that someone might check what you are looking at or doing on this computer, don't use it to get help and advice. Instead, use a computer in a library, an internet cafe or at a trusted friend's house.
Keep using your computer for your routine activities, such as looking up the weather or checking what's on TV.

Clearing your web browser's history

You can clear some evidence of sites you have visited (and any searches you have done) by clearing your web browser's history.
However, this won't remove all records from your computer's memory and your partner would not have to be a computer expert to find the remaining records.

Remember - If clearing your browser's history isn't something you do regularly, DON'T do it, as this might arouse suspicion.

How to clear your browser history

  • Google Chrome: Click on 'Customise & Control Google Chrome' then 'History' and click 'Clear Browsing Data' and confirm once again.
  • Internet Explorer (PC): Pull down the Tools menu and select 'Internet Options'. Click on the 'Delete Files' and 'Clear History' buttons on the general page.
  • Firefox (PC and Mac): Pull down Tools menu and select 'Clear Private Data'. tick 'Browsing History', 'Download History', 'Saved Form' and 'Search History', 'Cache' and 'Authenticated Sessions', then click on 'Clear Private Data Now'.
  • AOL: Pull down Members menu, select 'Preferences'. Click on 'www' icon. Then select 'Advanced' and click 'Purge Cache'.
  • Safari (Mac and PC): Pull down the Safari menu, select 'Reset Safari', click on 'Reset'. Safari also has a 'Private Browsing' option which you can choose before you browse and turn off afterwards. To use this, pull down the Safari menu, select 'Private Browsing', and click OK when you see a confirmation message. To turn private browsing off, choose it from the menu again, and close any windows you've used to view private information.

Useful telephone numbers

Victim Support - 01506 635050

Domestic Abuse Helpline - 0800 027 1234

Childline - 8088 1111

Shakti Women's Aid - 0131 475 2399

Family Mediation Lothian - 0131 226 4507

Edinburgh Women's Rape & Sexual Assault Centre - 0131 556 9437

SCET (Social Work Emergency Team - Out of Hours Service) - 01506 281028 or 281029

West Lothian Council Housing - 01506 280000

Domestic Abuse Liaison Officer - 01506 833834

Breathing Space - 0800 838587 (Lines open Monday-Thursday, 6pm to 2am and Friday 6pm to Monday 6am)

Rape Crisis Helpline - 08088 01 03 02 (Lines open 7 days from 6pm to midnight)