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Children and Young People Team

The Children & Young People Team provides early intervention and preventative supports to those referred to the service in order to help maximise their potential.

The Children & Young People Team evolved from the new community schools initiative and an integrated approach to service delivery. The team consists of family support workers and youth strategy workers and is split into three sub-teams that are organised geographically. Each team has a complement of staff that is deployed to cover the relevant school clusters in their area. Staff teams are based in schools across West Lothian and are managed by three team leaders who are based in our Bathgate office.

What are our aims?

The team exists to provide early intervention and preventative supports to those referred to the service in order to help maximise their potential and;

  • promote positive relationships between children, young people, their parents and school
  • along with other professionals, identify and support children, young people and their families who may benefit from support

By early intervention we mean working with families when their children are in the early stages of their school life, however this is not exclusively the case as we also consider early intervention in relation to the life of a particular problem or issues. As a result we work with a range of school-aged children, young people and their families.

Our Service Standards

In addition to adhering to the Children and Families Service Standards, we will;

  • work in partnership with other agencies to support children and young people to maximise their potential
  • respond to referrals within 7 days of receipt
  • once allocated, ensure contact within 10 working days
  • arrange to meet at venues and times which are mutually agreed in order to agree tasks and formulate an action plan
  • confirm details of action plan in writing to families and referrers
  • review plans at no more than 3-monthly intervals
  • maintain clear communication with all partners
  • provide relevant groups work programmes in consultation with partners

How do we work?

Individual/Family Support:

  • Support offered to children/young people and their families which helps them to identify problems and find solutions/strategies in order to promote the positive educational, health, social and emotional development of the child/young person. This support is offered both in and out of school settings.

Group Work:

  • Group work programmes for children/young people offer opportunities to discuss common issues or experiences in a safe and supportive setting and find ways of dealing with them.

Areas covered can include:

  • improving self confidence and self esteem
  • anger management
  • peer support
  • behaviour management
  • decision making skills
  • therapeutic interventions
  • relationships
  • attendance
  • transition to high school

We also provide group work opportunities for parents and they can cover issues such as:

  • understanding children's needs
  • relationships
  • behaviour management
  • peer support
  • assertiveness

Who can refer to the service?

We take referrals from a range of agencies including social work, education and psychological services. Parents and young people looking to access support can self-refer and can be supported to do so by a member of staff.

For further information please contact the Children & Young People Team or your nearest social work centre (contact details on this page).

Children and Young People Team
Bathgate Partnership Centre
Lindsay House
South Bridge Street
EH48 1TS
Tel. 01506 282948