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Grants for Disabled People

If you are an owner/occupier, grants are available for adaptations to the home to make your life easier - please refer to the Referral Process below.

Referral process for an Occupational Therapy Assessment

If you are aged up to, and including, 64, please contact The Adults Team at Broxburn Social Work Centre (see details on this page)

If you are aged 65 and over, please contact The Older People's Team at Bathgate Social Work Centre (see contact details on this page)

  • A referral can be made by anyone
  • You will receive confirmation of your request in writing and will be contacted to arrange a visit within 6 weeks of your request. Urgent emergency requests can be assessed within 7 days

Assessment Process

A detailed assessment will be carried out by a member of the Occupational Therapy staff and options and alternatives will be considered to meet your needs. You will receive a copy of this assessment and if you have any queries or concerns you will be able to contact the Occupational Therapist concerned.

Grants Process

If your adaptation requires grant funding, the Occupational Therapist will seek authorisation for this request and make a recommendation on your behalf to the Grants section. You will also be given a copy of this letter of recommendation.

The Grants section will progress your application. They will require documentation to prove ownership of your property with the Occupational Therapy letter of recommendation.

From 1st April 2009, disability grants increased from a minimum of 50% to 80% of the recommended work. An additional 20% is available if the applicant is in receipt of certain benefits. The Grants section will advise you how much grant you will receive towards the adaptation. They can be contacted on 01506 281377.

On completion of the agreed work, the Grants department will advise the Occupational Therapist who will check that the work meets your assessed need and may provide additional equipment to use with your adaptation.