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Out-Patient Musculoskeletal Service (MSK)

For adults with muscle and joint problems. We also offer Chronic Pain Management and Dizziness rehabilitation.


  • St John's rehabilitation department
  • Armadale Health Centre
  • Bathgate Primary Care Centre
  • Blackburn Health Centre
  • East Calder Health Centre
  • Fauldhouse Partnership Centre
  • Strathbrock Partnership Centre
  • West Calder Health Centre
  • Whitburn Health Centre


We accept referrals from all Health Care professionals.

You can self refer. Please telephone: 0800 917 9390

Referrals are prioritised according to levels of severity from the information received, to either "urgent or routine" waiting lists. We aim to see urgent referrals within 7-10 days where possible.

The current waiting list for routine appointments is about 11 weeks. You will be offered the soonest appointment slot across West Lothian and/or can choose from attending your most convenient clinic.

It does take a little while for our computer system to work if you request an appointment at your closest health centre, so please be patient with our booking line staff.

What is Physiotherapy and what can I expect to happen?

At your first session, a history of your problem will be taken and an assessment of your problem undertaken.

From that, a plan will be devised with you, taking into consideration your needs, current abilities and limitations.

Commonly, some of our main aims include, improving muscle and tendon strength and soft tissue length to improve function/ability and reduce pain.

What should I wear?

It is recommended that you bring suitable clothing to the assessment so that we can see the affected parts of your body easily: shorts for leg problems, and for ladies, strappy tops for shoulder and arm problems.

What can I do for myself?

Most problems we see will respond to appropriate exercise, or become manageable with a regular exercise programme.

You can start exercising before you are assessed. It is unusual to cause more damage, which is one of our usual fears as people.

Start any exercises gently, and "listen to your problem".

Don't push through pain. Work within your problem's tolerance and often your ability will gradually improve.

Further Information

For advice and self care information that can help muscle and joint problems:

For local exercise options: