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Services for Adults and Older People

  • Falls Prevention

    We are all at risk of having a fall. Sometimes it is obvious why we have fallen for example we may have slipped on ice or tripped over something. At other times we are left feeling frustrated as to why we landed on the ground and fearful that it will happen again.

  • Food Train

    The Food Train is a charity with local volunteers which provides a vital grocery delivery service to older people living in West Lothian.

  • Independent Advocacy Service

    Independent Advocacy enables people to be heard and is a process of encouraging and supporting someone to speak up for themselves and/or representing their views to others.

  • Pensioner Income Maximisation Scheme

    The council has a dedicated Pensioner Income Maximisation Team who offer help and advice with all types of benefits to people over 60 years of age.

  • Senior People's Forum

    West Lothian Senior People's Forum provides an opportunity for the Council and local senior people to act in partnership in reviewing and addressing future challenges.

  • Helping vulnerable people during severe weather

    Severe cold weather can be dangerous for vulnerable groups such as older people and those with serious illnesses. Preventative action taken at this stage can greatly benefit vulnerable groups during the cold weather. We can provide support, information and advice relating to vulnerable people during severe weather. We can all make a real difference by identifying family or neighbours who may need an extra helping hand during winter.